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It’s Good To Have a Project

Winter is finally giving way to spring. Slowly, but surely, the sunshine is getting warmer, and the grass is getting greener. This winter was a long one. I tell my girls it’s good to start a project in January. It gives you something to focus on while you’re waiting for the snow to stop. I was lucky enough to finish two quilts for myself during the final winter months!

My husband had to travel for work after the holidays so we decided I would come too… with my Bernina and a 48 pound suitcase full fo fabric (52 pounds coming home).   It was a bit of a tight squeeze, but, when a woman wants to sew, she makes it work, right?  I spent the days in our hotel room, sewing, while he worked with the hope we could explore the town together (explore-= find the local quilt shops). I was in luck (my husband is a good sport)!  There was a local Shop Hop!

These are the quilts that came together in that little, poorly lit, hotel room. I am sure housekeeping wondered what kind of a sweat shop I was running.


This shelf and a few coffee mugs made a good temporary design wall.


Home, quilted and bound (and much more flattering light).


I have another project going, in honor of the warmer weather that will soon be upon us. It’s almost done, and I can’t wait to share it with you guys!