iPad mini Cover

I am still in love with my typewrite fabric and what better fabric for my new iPad mini.


I wanted to a way to protect it in my purse so I decided to make a cover that was cute and functional …..



and this seemed like the perfect solution!

Switch to Fall



September is finally here and I am more that thrilled to make the change in “Quilt Decor”!  I love all the colors of Fall and need to get them out early to enjoy before I make the temporary change to Halloween as soon as October comes.  Then I can switch back to Fall and Thanksgiving for just a few weeks.

The County Fair


Look what happened at the Fair!  Three of  our  grandchildren entered items in the 4H category and talked me in to entering too. It was completely a last minute decision.When they called from the fair grounds to tell me about their ribbons, they told me that I just had to come see right away and they were not going to say anymore… we went to the fair.  They were so excited to show me my “Best of Show” ribbons.  They made it worth the trouble!


Holiday Place Mats from the Stash

I made these from fabric left over from a quilt made several years ago.  When I saw the place mat idea I knew exactly where to find the perfect fabric for them.  I ended up making 7, and have enough binding and background for more–maybe next year.  Since our dishes are red “Fiesta” it was even more fun to  use them each day over the holiday.

Cute Bag!

This is a new bag pattern by Cotton Way called the “Grab and Go Bag”.  I offer no excuse, except that I am a sucker for PDF patterns purchased at unusual hours.  The fabric is from the “Reunion” line.  I have always been hesitant to make big bags because I did not know how to stabilize the bottom.  But…I recently found a post that suggested using plastic canvas.  Apparently I am the last person on the planet to get this info.  I found it at JoAnns in 12 x 18 inch sheets for about $1.29 a sheet.  I used 2 layers cut to size and I think it worked perfectly!  I wrapped them in a layer of batting before placing between the bag bottom and the lining.  I sewed two straps across the bottom first to hold it in place and keep it from flipping up.


The bag is huge, and will be great for a road trip.  My only regret is that I used such a light color that it may show dirt if I am not careful.  Of course, I can always make another one……….

Canyon Leaves

I saw this quilt featured on the cover of American Patchwork and Quilting in October 2009 and filed it away in my mind of things I wanted to make someday.  Then last year I took up cycling with my husband on the beautiful mountain trail close to our home.

This is my favorite spot of the ride–its always beautiful with the sun filtering through the leaves.  Unfortunately, it is not close to the beginning.  Don’t be misled, I am not a “hardcore” biker– the entire round trip is only 15 miles.  But I am not 25 years old either!


When the Fall season arrived, we enjoyed biking in the beautiful colors…and I wanted to make a quilt to remember them by.  So I dug through my stash and found PLENTY to work with.  The only fabric I purchased was the cute bicycle print for the back.  Its from “Lucy’s Crab Shack, by Moda.

We ended up having such a mild winter that we rode the trail into December.  One day as we were on the way down, we rounded a bend to see four wild turkeys just standing off to the side watching us!  I had never seen one before and was surprised by how tall they were.  So-I had to include them in the quilt label.  Every time we pass that spot, I still remember seeing them.


I LOVE Binder Covers!

I LOVE binder covers!  I have a real problem seeing a binder or notebook  “naked”–they just look so much better covered up with some cute fabric.  Since I was lucky enough to acquire some typewriter fabric I have had fun making lots of covers incorporating it.

 And I even had extra fun fussy cutting letters for personalized names inside.  I know….I just get carried away sometimes.

I went a little overboard buying coordinating fabric so I will post some variations on a theme soon.

Aunt Grace’s Garden Party

The six month class I have been teaching at American Quilting is done today–so it is time to post the finished quilt!  I have to say I love it and am so glad I had the chance to make it.

Click here to see more pictures in the Portfolio.

A table runner from the left over fabric is in progress and I will have it done soon.  (Along with a million other projects in the done “soon” category)

My Type

My oldest daughter recently pieced this darling quilt. Don’t you just love the typewriters?  She bound it with a black stripe and it was perfect.  I want to make one like it soon.

The typewriter fabric is from Melody Miller called, “Ruby Star Shining”, and come out of Japan.  I scoured the Internet trying to find some — it sold out fast but I was able to get a yard for some carefully selected projects.  Stay tuned.  I hope to post one later this week.


I am only showing this to prove that I am indeed holding to the “closet” resolve.  I needed a baby  boy quilt, fast, for a recent shower so I went to my closet.  Maybe not my first choice in the beginning, but it did come from the closet-including the back, so I felt validated.

These next two have been done for a few days, just waiting time to bind before taking a picture. I need to hire a maid to get my binding done.  (let alone clean  the house)

Quilted with Large Flower Design