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Piping Adds a Lot

I attended the HMQS in Salt Lake City a few weeks ago with some quilting friends.  We attended a class taught by Carmen Geddes learning how to add piping to the edge of binding.  Carmen is a fun and informative teacher and we were all so glad we went.

biggs 2

Pictured is an example of the technique that was made by one of my friends for an upcoming wedding gift.  She is a beautiful piecer and so conscientious.

biggs binding #1

The piping adds so much character to the binding that we agreed it will be tempting to add to to all of our quilts in the future.   And the best part is its not hard!

Tulip Runner

This little runner is from a Thimble Blossoms pattern.  I really enjoy tulips in the spring and this is the perfect way to bring them indoors.  The pattern is available in two sizes and I want to just keep making more!  How many colors do tulips come in anyway?

tulip 4:26:15-1

Door Quilt Hanger

Here is an easy way to display your quilts without taking up wall space in your home.  Hanging QuiltFan fold the top portion of your quilt and slip it through an embroidery hoop, with about 12 inches of quilt  above the hoop.


Hand the hoop on a wreath hanger placed over a door.  Pull the fan folds apart and there you go!

Daysail – Sunday Bows

Here is the latest quilt from Daysail.  The pattern is “Sunday Bows”  from Cotton Way.

sunday bows for blog on railing

It is pretty similar to the first one from a few weeks ago and I can’t decide which one I like the best. But it really doesn’t matter–I have them both hanging!

sunday bows on stair landing 4:15

Next, I need to make a runner that matches.

Daysail from Bonnie and Camille

I was anxiously awaiting  the Daysail line to appear in stores back in February.  I always really like their fabrics and I especially liked the aqua and navy combination this time.  Every time I had an excuse to be at the fabric store I would pick up more–sound familiar?  This is my first finished project.

on a whim for blog

The pattern is “On a Whim”  from Thimble Blossoms.  I have a lot of other projects coming as soon as I have a second to get started.

Some Sewing Over the Christmas Holiday


When the Christmas quilting rush was over for the season, I was able to get a few holiday projects of my own done.  I like to keep the studio room current for the holidays, because it is a fun place for my “quilty friends” to sit and visit about their projects.



In late December, I was able to get this Santa quilt completed.  It is from Christmas Favorites from Art to Heart.

Santa Quilt


I used most of the same fabrics that she used in her pattern and was really happy with how bright and cheery it turned out. (There is a message here about my fabric stash–the book, and fabric,  are few years old.)  It was sort of a big, labor intensive quilt to start in December.  My husband thought I was crazy!  And now that Christmas is over, the challenge is to store it in a way that will not crush the dimensional mustache and poinsettia petals.  Click on the Portfolio section from the home page for more pictures.


The snowman wall hanging is also from Art to Heart patterns, Ho Ho Ho Let it Snow.  This pattern book has a lot of projects for pillows and wall hangings that I hope to get done for next year.


The red and white topper on the trunk is one of my favorites!  It is from 101 Fabulous Small Quilts.  This one is called Midnight Star.  I really like the red and white combination.

Redstar Railing

   Redstart Trunk

There are several great patterns in the book that are versatile, especially if you think of more updated color schemes.

Amazing YoYo’s

This was done by our  daughter this past Spring.  It has 512 yo yos and took her more hours than she even wants to know.  It really is amazing!

suz yoyos

Family of Quilters

A new generation of quilters is emerging around here.  Our oldest daughter has two daughters that really enjoy sewing.  Here are the quilts each of them are entering in the Utah County Fair this month.  They will be in the 4H division.  The age of quilters is 15 and 9, respectively.  Their Grandma is very proud of them both!  They really do a great job.

abbys houses

ellas for fair

Our youngest daughter has also become interested.  She has made baby quilts  for a few friends recently.  Her style is very modern and they are always well received.

ali baby black pink greenali baby 2 for blog


Driving Me Crazy

My oldest daughter and I both bought kits for this quilt after Christmas.  However, she is more sensible and realistic than her mother, and knew it was going to take more time that she had right now.  I just was naive enough to think I could “work it in” between other projects.


The pattern called for a honey bun but instead we cut 1 1/2 inch strips. A LOT of them!


I had NO IDEA how much time it would take to sew hundreds (honest) of those little 1 x 2 inch strips together.


I don’t think it would have been possible without a design wall.  It was a tedious process to lay out and critical not  to  have a misplaced block that would then throw off the entire thing.  It was sewn together in diagonal rows.  My loving husband reluctantly pointed out to me that the row from corner to corner (yes, the longest row) was off .  It had to be completely taken apart!  I was thrilled……


I decided to bite the bullet and quilt it with a ruler along the straight lines.  I knew it would take more time but from the beginning I had my heart set on quilting it that way.  I finally decided I would be sorry if I didn’t just go ahead and do it.  I am really glad I did!


finished shortline 2


So happy it is done.  I really like the way it turned out.

Click here to see more pictures of this quilt from the Portfolio.


It’s Good To Have a Project

Winter is finally giving way to spring. Slowly, but surely, the sunshine is getting warmer, and the grass is getting greener. This winter was a long one. I tell my girls it’s good to start a project in January. It gives you something to focus on while you’re waiting for the snow to stop. I was lucky enough to finish two quilts for myself during the final winter months!

My husband had to travel for work after the holidays so we decided I would come too… with my Bernina and a 48 pound suitcase full fo fabric (52 pounds coming home).   It was a bit of a tight squeeze, but, when a woman wants to sew, she makes it work, right?  I spent the days in our hotel room, sewing, while he worked with the hope we could explore the town together (explore-= find the local quilt shops). I was in luck (my husband is a good sport)!  There was a local Shop Hop!

These are the quilts that came together in that little, poorly lit, hotel room. I am sure housekeeping wondered what kind of a sweat shop I was running.


This shelf and a few coffee mugs made a good temporary design wall.


Home, quilted and bound (and much more flattering light).


I have another project going, in honor of the warmer weather that will soon be upon us. It’s almost done, and I can’t wait to share it with you guys!