Fabric is my canvas

You can never have too much fabric.


am a self-recognized fabric hoarder.  I should say not just fabric, but patterns, tools, and most everything related to quilting.  My husband of 37 years and I are empty nesters.  Most closets associated with those empty bedrooms are stacked with plastic bins full of fabric!  I love just knowing it is there…..I am sure that makes perfect sense to my quilting friends.

I began sewing  as a fifth grader when my mom signed me up for a beginning sewing class at a local Singer store.  She let me take the bus downtown all by myself, and my dad would pick me up on his way home from work.  I was hooked!  I enjoyed clothing construction for many years, especially as we raised a family.  About 15 years ago, I discovered piecing quilts and that has been a huge source of entertainment ever since.

Four years ago we took the big step and purchased a Gammill longarm quilting machine.  My original intent was to use it only for myself and family–but soon discovered that I enjoyed it so much I was happy to quilt for others as well.

About the “Glo in the Dark” name for my quilting business:  My sewing/quilting room is  upstairs facing the street in our home.  Late at night or very early in the morning it is often the only light on.  My family always knows where to find me. Glo is a nickname that my dad called me growing up.  I never imagined I would use it in public!



Quilting Service

All quilting is free motion quilting, making each quilt unique.  From a clean vines-and-loops or meandering, names, shapes, and thread color can vary based on customer preference.  You can find examples of various quilting designs in the Portfolio section.  These are picture of my own quilts and other quilters for whom I have quilted .


My turn-around time is usually 2-3 days.


All quilting is done in smoke free, pet free, clean environment so you can be sure your quilt will be handled as though it were mine.

As a service, I provide batting (Hobbs 80/20) to all customers at my wholesale cost which saves you time and money.  However, you may provide your own batting or if you are mailing the quilt top and backing and you would like polyester or wool I will provide that also at my cost.

I ship via FedEx or US Postal Service.  We have a FedEx account which allows a better price and we have a pretty good idea which shipper may be the best price.  Of course you may choose any method you like.  The objective is to charge simply for the quilting and not make additional on materials and shipping.

Machine quilting requires the back to be at least 2 inches bigger on all 4 sides.


The maximum width quilt top I can quilt is 98″.  Sometimes depending on the quilt it can be slightly more.  This and other details can be discussed prior to sending the quilt.

For pricing please call or email.

Phone  801 361 6014